print2life is Interactive Print!

Print2life is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaningful content in your everyday life. With your tablet or smartphone, and print2life, simply point, scan and view amazing interactive media which appears directly on top of a print2life enhanced page.

With print2life you can:

View videos directly on the printed page; Instantly purchase items on your tablet or device; Save important contacts; Download an app; as well as Share your experiences with friends on Facebook or via email and much more. For a free consultation on how you can create print2life interactive print, visit

Print2life FAQ

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a single piece of artwork with a print2life enhancement, including a video and/or buttons and stats.

What is an enhancement?

The digital add on of a video or image(s) to your printed artwork.

What are buttons?

Buttons are one touch links to a url of choice such as a your website, facebook page, contact page, etc.

What is included in a campaign?

Individual campaigns include one enhancement and up to 5 buttons.

What format should I supply the artwork to be enhanced with print2life?

Artwork files should be supplied as print ready pdfs.

Can the artwork change once a campaign has been created in print2life?

There is a fee to change the artwork once a campaign has been created.

Can the enhancements or buttons change once a campaign has been created in print2life?

Yes, you can change the enhancement and/or buttons after a campaign has been created.

How do I send artwork and video files?

Depending on file size, you can send your files via our ftp site, email or

Do I need to edit the video before I send it?

Original video format is preferred. We have specific settings that are used to compress and prepare your video for print2life.

I only have a youTube link to a video. Will this work?

Yes, we can retrieve your youtube video for use in your campaign. All we need is the video url.

How do I supply custom buttons?

Please create your buttons as jpegs or transparent png files.

How long does it take to create a campaign?

Production usually takes 2 working days from the time artwork and video have been supplied and approved.

How long does a campaign last?

A single campaign lasts for one year from the date it was created.

Do print2life enhancement videos have volume?

Yes, print2life videos usually have sound. Please make sure your device's audio is turned on.

Do you offer design services?

Yes, we have a full team of designers who can help you with your design needs. Fees apply.

Do you accept any other file for artwork beside pdf?

Yes, if necessary, you can supply your artwork as a photoshop psd, jpeg or illustrator ai or eps. Setup fees may apply.

I have more questions... who do I contact?

You can send an email to or visit